Patient transport made easy

A sick or injured flight guest is better off on a stretcher. Especially if the stretcher offers the highest possible degree of (safety) comfort. Of course a stretcher must fulfil the latest safety requirements.

The “New Generation Stretcher System” from Bucher is fully able to meet such requirements. And it surprises with thoughtful, practical functionality. At just 38kg, it is ready for patient transport in the blink of an eye. Folded together in a box, the stretcher saves space in the cargo area and can be transported to where you need it. Continued success over the years has proven the advantages of the Bucher Stretcher System and it is fully 16g compatible.

Bucher’s latest Stretcher model the “Air Transport Stretcher” builds on the success of the NGS but takes a new and innovative approach in several key areas. The ATS is now not only 30% faster to set up, but its range of applications has also broadened significantly. It is now possible to adapt the stretcher to cover a wider range of aircraft types (such as Boeing’s 787) and optimise it to suit the latest seat geometries. Without a doubt, ATS is the ideal solution to meet the future challenges of maximising cabin space.

For large capacity aircraft like the Airbus A380, the NGS system forms the core of the “First Aid Module” (FAM). It can also be expanded with everything that belongs to a proper first aid station. Like a seat for the person taking care of the patient, or compartment for the storage of materials. All following our lightweight construction principle, of course. And taking up very little space – open or closed.

Your contact person: Rolf Kraus