Interiors & Kits:
Better equipped for exceptional cases

When exceptional cases demand exceptional equipment, it’s best if they come from Bucher. In terms of design they are based on the same technology, which has already made our galleys unique. Which means more lightweight, refined, simple construction with proven durability. All in all, there is a cost-efficiency that pays dividends – for you.

Given the specific operating requirements of the customer, these solutions are preferably created in close cooperation with the customer. With the aim of optimum results. Whether it’s equipment for rescue or police helicopters.

Emergency medical system; standard configuration:

  1. Integrated base plate
  2. Crew seats
  3. Patient stretcher and loading systems
  4. Storage cabinets, fasteners and shelving for medical equipment
  5. Systems for the supply of air, oxygen, electricity etc.

Equipment for police helicopters; standard configuration:

  1. Patient stretcher
  2. Fastening systems for special containers
  3. Abseiling equipment
  4. Tactical work area
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