Increased life, more use

Because galleys can be weighty from their size alone, Bucher’s unique lightweight construction technique makes a very big overall difference.

The aluminium frame structure not only avoids every unnecessary gram of weight, but also increases the galley lifespan. Ten to fifteen corrosion-free years are ensured by anodised aluminium frame profiles and powder-coated panels, which also guarantee high structural stability.

Hard anodised aluminium surfaces, precisely machined doors, pressure or turn locks and other robust equipment components, are all standard for us.
On the other hand the dimensions and fittings are never standard. Customer-specific requests and requirements are the rule. No wonder our galleys have been installed in most of the current passenger aircrafts from Airbus and Boeing. Whether it’s for single or twin aisle models, galleys from Bucher will give you more usage through innovation – for many years to come. A comparison to conventionally designed galleys will quickly confirm this and will point to our products.


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