High performance thermal cart, low operating cost

ARCTICart™ is a thermally insulated in-flight cart developed by Bucher, which does not require dry ice nor maintenance-intensive, power-hungry chillers.
ARCTICart™ allows airlines implementing return or multi-segment catering strategies with chiller-free galleys.

ARCTICart™ combines a high performing thermal insulation with an optimized structural design that keeps the initial temperature of food and drinks stable and low for over 20 hours.

Main features:

  • Full compatibility with ATLAS standard (full-size and half-size)
  • Self-contained thermal insulation – no need of dry-ice or external chillers
  • Maximum payload – internal usable space not reduce by cooling cassettes or additional insulation material


  • Net reduction of aircraft empty weight – Removal of chillers, cooling system and related hardware
  • Superior food quality – Optimal conservation of fresh food thanks to the fully-mechanical, passive, safe and dry food preservation method.
  • Environmental impact – Reduced power consumption, CO2 emission and cabin noise thanks to removal of chillers.
  • Maintenance friendliness – Thermal insulation performance can be verified by ground and flight crew. Expensive chiller maintenance can be eliminated.
Your contact person: Francisco Aguilera ARCTICart flyer