Seat Components:
Light. Reliable. Smart.

Passenger interaction with movable parts of a seat is a key aspect of the overall passenger seating experience. Subtleties like smoothness, touch and sound of moving features greatly differentiate and enhance the premium or VIP experience. For decades, Bucher has set the standard for high-end, light and reliable seat components with kinematic elements.
Our customers in the business jet industry, seat manufacturers and even automotive brands benefit from our line of products and our capacity to develop tailored, turn-key solutions within the most demanding timelines.

Key features:

  1. Robust and reliable design
  2. Manual or assisted deployment
  3. Highly customizable motion features
  4. Variety of finishing options
  5. High variety of cabin integration possibilities: armrest, side-wall, side-ledge, pop-up, plug-in and custom solutions
  6. Avoidance of electrical actuators and sensors for higher reliability and lower maintenance costs
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