Front Row Monuments:
Monuments full of opportunities

Monuments that face the front row of first or business class present a number of opportunities for optimization. By rethinking the front row, we can, for example, integrate the personal IFE or provide extra storage lockers to create more space to be enjoyed front row passengers. Additionally there is an opportunity to add extra general storage options such as a coatroom or space for a curtain.

Bucher solutions also focus on the back wall of the galley, which because it often faces the front row, Bucher has developed ways to better utilize this space to enhance both the interior design as well as cabin efficacy.

Obviously these enhanced options are part of every new cabin design project, but they can also be integrated when upgrading or re-configuring any F/C or B/C cabin with new seats. Our front row monuments are based on the same principles as our lightweight Bucher galley. We take a similar approach to the design, consistently focusing on your needs and requests, as well as the aircraft manufacturer’s specifications. Furthermore in accordance with class requirements, our honeycomb core panels or high-quality decorative finishing materials can be used to set visually attractive accents.

Your contact person: Daniel Marti Front Row Monuments Flyer