Philosophy / History

  • Lightweight construction –
    with passion and innovation.

    Success stories usually begin with new ideas and a healthy amount of passion. And this is just how Bucher started in Fällanden, Switzerland in 1953. Following a significant innovation, Bucher soon had a range of unique products all using lightweight aluminium structures that gave significant cost benefits in aviation and other industrial sectors. The benefits were even greater when the equipment was developed and manufactured to specific customer and market requirements by motivated professionals working with extreme efficiency and precision.

    Flying with a minimum of weight and maximum reliability: this was the idea that shaped Heinrich Bucher’s thinking when he founded the company in 1953. Today, we are still following Heinrich Bucher’s basic idea with a unique lightweight construction principle and are now able to offer a wide and diverse product range thanks to our many years of experience with aluminium and plastics.

    Whether in engineering, production or project management, the spirit of innovation and passion for our customers and their requirements continues to inspire us everyday. This spirit can be seen in all of our solutions.

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  • Galleys for Swiss International Airlines’ Boeing B777


  • AC70 EMS-System for Airbus H145, launch customers ADAC and DRF Luftrettung


  • Founding of Bucher Interiors GmbH., Sinn-Fleisbach/Germany


  • Additional production facility in
    Fällanden/Switzerland (2’200 m2)
  • Galleys for Boeing B747-8i


  • Expansion production and engineering (additional new building)
  • Galleys for Lufthansa A380


  • Development of Modular Galley Single Aisle
  • Business Class and First Class Tables for seat supplier


Further Developments:
  • Galley programs for Airbus A320/A330
  • Galley program (SFE) for Boeing 717
  • New Generation Stretcher
  • Video Deployment Systems
  • Folding Tables for the Mercedes Maybach
  • «lower lobe» Galleys for the A340–600


  • Handover to 2nd generation; Company reorganisation


  • Won the World Solar Challenge with «Spirit of Biel II»


  • Bucher CP AG in Wünnewil/Switzerland founded
  • Bucher Aerospace Corp. in Everett, WA/USA founded


  • Development of solar automobiles (together with Biel Technical College)


  • Development of an ultralight aircraft (Canard)


New Developments:
  • Catering trolley
  • EMS-Systems for rescue helicopters and aircraft


  • Expansion, build-up of engineering dept. Development of the Bucher aluminium galley system


  • Bucher Leichtbau AG in Fällanden/Switzerland founded by Heinrich Bucher; Galley and Catering equipment maintenance for Swissair