Bucher with Innovations at AIX 2018

The Bucher Group will be participating once again in the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg from April 10 – 12. Visitors to the booth will be able experience many of Bucher’s top aircraft interior systems and solutions.

One of these exciting products will be a space saving Galley – Front Row Monument combination, which combines the functionality required for catering with passenger comfort. This Bucher Galley, well-known for its lightweight and reliable design, has been optimized for additional storage space.

Also part of the exhibit will be the newly designed Innovation Galley, which will include modular and exchangeable branding panels and storage options. In combination with the innovative SkyDrinx coffee and beverage dispenser, it turns the Galley into a self-service Bar Unit. Furthermore on this exhibit we will be demonstrating a new way of storing and handling refrigerated food. This energy and space efficient solution will significantly reduce cost of the airlines’ catering process.

As in previous years, Bucher will also present a variety of sleek In-Flight-Entertainment and Tray Table Deployment systems with improved reliability, simplicity and feel. These proven mechanisms find application in premium aircraft seating such as first and business classes and in private jets.

Lastly, Bucher is excited to present a lightweight, bionic Partition Wall. The bionic approach combined with the latest composite materials has allowed them to reduce weight by at least 40% compared to currently available products.

As the aerospace industry strives for customization while meeting quality requirements, the Bucher Group is able to quickly and efficiently respond with innovative and reliable designs. At this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, experience first-hand Bucher’s new and exciting products and systems that bring innovation, quality and reliability together to form more lightweight and reliable aircraft solutions.

If you would like to talk to one of our experts, visit us at booth no. 5D60, Hall B5.

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