Bucher with Innovations at AIX 2017

Bucher Group has been recognized as a premier supplier in the aircraft interiors market for more than 60 years. The lightweight-construction specialist (also known as “Leichtbau”) is poised for another positive year in 2017 with the planned introduction of many exciting new products.

At this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, Bucher will be showcasing several new and improved products as well as a virtual cabin walk through.

At the AIX booth visitors can experience firsthand the seamless integration of many of Bucher’s products. One of these exciting products will be a complete Aft-Galley, which is part of Bucher‘s new galley system for the Airbus A330neo. This Galley, well-known for its lightweight and reliable design, has been optimized for additional storage space.

Also part of the exhibit will be the newly designed entry area complex, which will include a Galley featuring the new and innovative SkyDrinx beverage dispenser. Part of this exhibit will also be a space-saving combination between a Self-Service Counter and a B/C Front Row Monument. For application in aircraft seating a variety of sleek In-Flight-Entertainment and Tray Table Deployment systems with improved reliability, simplicity and feel will also be presented.

In-Flight-Entertainment is in the middle of a transitioning phase. While some airlines are implementing large screens of 13 inches and more, others offer solutions for passengers bringing and use their own devices. Bucher product range on display consists not only of smart stowage solutions such as in-arm mechanisms for those large monitors, but also of tablet holders for cabin and cockpit.

Our premium Tray Tables meet the highest expectations in commercial first class and business class as well as in private and business jets. Amongst other tables at the show this year is the signature table “Doha”, a semi- automatic deploying large first class table.

Lastly, Bucher is also excited to bring their Air Transport Stretcher to AIX. Bucher’s newest development in the “New Generation Stretcher System” has been certified for all Boeing and Airbus aircraft, as well as for Bombardier’s new C-Series (CS100/CS300) and ATR’s 42 and 72 models.

As the aerospace industry strives for customization while meeting quality requirements, the Bucher Group is able to quickly and efficiently respond with innovative and reliable designs. At this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, experience first-hand Bucher’s new and exciting products and systems that bring innovation, quality and reliability together to form more lightweight and reliable aircraft solutions.

AIX 2017 in Hamburg, April 4th – 6th, Booth 5D60

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