Bucher once again wins Customer Performance Award

For the 7th time Bucher is honored to have received the Airbus award for Excellent Customer Support Performance. This year Bucher was not only ranked best BFE Galley supplier but came out on top of all other BFE suppliers. The award was based on airline customer’s perception within several critical KPIs such as Commercial, Technical, Customer Support, Supply Chain and Quality. Each of these areas was evaluated with an average of over 75% satisfaction. A result Bucher is very proud to have received.

With over 178 airlines invited to participate and 164 having completed the survey makes the results very representative of the current industry. This award underscores Bucher’s successful customer-centric focus and commitment. We are once again proud to be recognized for our efforts and success in customer service.

To learn more about Bucher’s awards and certificates, please click here.

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