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Bucher introduces AC70 flex at European Rotors 2022

Bucher is extremely proud to present its newest member of the flexible helicopter emergency equipment line: the AC70 flex for the H145, at European Rotors in Cologne from November 8 to 10, 2022.

Similar to the AC67 flex for the H135, the new AC70 flex is based on the same principle of making all components as flexible as possible. This flexibility is guaranteed by a “Quick Release” system, which allows a quick conversion from an EMS into a VIP, police, cargo, fire brigade or military configuration.

With this new product Bucher is seeking to break new ground and appeal not only to air rescue operators but also, more importantly, to helicopter operators who want to convert their configuration several times a day to keep the helicopter in operation for as many hours as possible.

To help increase customer awareness and product adoption, Bucher has partnered with long-standing experts from the field of air rescue and helicopter to work hand in hand with customers. With the help of these experts Bucher is able to utilize its customer proximity and short communication channels to improve and expedite product onboarding and in service times. When a customer invests in our flexible equipment, our experts are available for immediate advice on product use and upgradeabilty.

The idea of building a flexible equipment product range  was inspired by the fact that in many countries air rescue operators are not run by the government or a foundation or association, but rather by private helicopter operators, whose main interest is keeping the helicopter in operation as long as possible. For this they must be enabled to fly different types of missions several times within a 24 hour period.

Not only are the flexible equipment AC67 flex and AC70 flex self-contained and almost completely expandable, but they also contain various components found in the Bucher’s classic rescue equipment AC70 for H145 and AC67 for H135. As in the past, Bucher has worked closely with various helicopter operators in the development of this product line. Bucher’s proven ergonomic and functional design is the result of smart engineering as well as cooperation with many long-term users. Depending on the customer’s mission profile, they can choose between several mission configurations for multiple scenarios.

Bucher’s main goal is to offer maximum flexibility and modularity. We strive to provide the highest quality products for the best possible performance for multi-mission and rescue operators. This can be attributed to the founder of the company, Heinrich Bucher, who was inspired by the idea of producing lightweight and reliable products made out of aluminum. Bucher has continued to refine and optimize this unique lightweight construction concept. Nowadays, however, Bucher has expanded its product offering to also include composite and carbon fiber materials, thus allowing the company to easily and efficiently adapt its products to meet individual customer requirements in various areas such as helicopters, airplanes and trains.

For more information about Bucher Group, please visit: https://bucher-group.com or contact us at: bucher@bucher-group.com.